Register your Nigerian company and open a business account remotely.

We’ll register your company with a verified Nigerian address, open a business account online and ensure your company is compliant. No confusing paperwork and no hidden fees.

Companies using StarthubGlobal

Nigeria is Africa's biggest market.

If you are looking for a place to setup a new company or extend an already existing business anywhere in the world, Nigeria is where you want to be. And the best part, we have help hundreds of entrepreneurs across the globe setup their companies in Nigeria, hassle-free.

Get your company launched in Nigeria in 4 easy steps.

With StarthubGlobal, Setting up your Business in Nigeria is easier than you think


Choose Your Plan

Choose a package that’s right for you depending on if you already have a Nigerian representative, company address or need other business support services


Answer a few Questions

Answer a few questions about your business via simple Whatsapp chat or email, whichever you prefer. No long boring forms.


Confirm Your Draft

Our experts will draft all company documents, All Application Forms, Memorandum and Articles of Association and send to you for vetting before final filling.


Receive your Documents

We will process and deliver all documents to you and ensure all aspects of compliances are met.

What our users says

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Trusted by 20+ thousand customers from Nigeria and around the world.

"I appreciate your speedy service delivery. I never thought my company incorporation could be completed so quickly. The consultant assigned to me was prompt and honest in responding to all my requests. I will continue to recommend your services to others."

Adasu Titus

7-4-7 Logistics Waves Limited, Abuja

"The business process was impressive and effective. I intend to continue using the company services."

Destiny Frederick

Sturdy Education Prospects Solutions, Lagos

Splendid! My expectations were exceeded. They delivered. Great job!

Jolomi Amorighoye

Kadima Farms Limited, Lagos

Awesome services. Awesome customer Care. Delivered on time.If you're looking to register your business is all you need

Enaho Murphy

Henaho Lab Ltd, Lagos

Our Simple Pricing Plans

Includes consulting and all government fees. No surprises or hidden charges.



/ one time fee

Or pay in two installments of  $500 each, Totalling $1,000

If you have a resident Nigerian partner or local representative




/ one time fee

Or pay in two installments $750 of each, Totalling $1,500

If you do not have a resident Nigerian partner or local representative



/ one time fee

Or pay in two installments of  $1,450 each, Totalling $2,900

Everything in Professional Plan plus

Integrated Plans

Our Simple Pricing Plans includes consulting and all government fees. No surprises or hidden charges.

Flexible Payment

Single and two installment payment options available. Additional 15% discount available on full payment

Multiple Payment options


Pay via bank transfer in Naira or USD or with cryptocurrency (BTC or USDT). For naira payment, 1 USD = 575 Naira

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between using StarthubGlobal than an expensive lawyer

We offer more than a lawyer can at much lower costs because we use technology and automation to reduce administrative costs. Worried about accuracy? Our processes are vetted by lawyers for validity to ensure we’re filing your information correctly.

Do I need to be physically present in Nigeria to incorporate my company?

Nope! We handle everything remotely. You’ll just need to provide your passport as identity verification and we’ll work directly with the government corporate agency to open your business.

Can I pay in two installments?

Yes you can. However, our full payment option comes with 15% discount.

Why should I start a Nigerian Company?

Most of our clients start Nigerian companies to access the large Nigerian market, reduce their personal liability, and enjoy low taxes